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The milestones:



After three and a half years of funding from the INTERREG IV A Program of the European Union BELTFOOD running out as a project in June 2013. BELTFOOD will continue as a German-Danish food network and represent the connection between the two national networks.

Based on this cooperation new activities and projects will be initiated consecutively. The first project, which was created under the umbrella of the food industry network BELTFOOD, is a project started in April 2013 and called  "Master Plan: Danish-German Competence Centre for the Food Industry" .



By BELTFOOD organized exhibition booth at the FoodExpo in Herning, Denmark: This is the first joint exhibition booth representing German and Danish companies in the Fehmarnbelt region.


Foundation of the BELTFOOD Think Tank: For the sustainable development and successful positioning of the regional food industry, industry representatives, representatives from universities and public administration have established a German-Danish group of experts. The aim of this Think Tank is to support and direct projects and activities dedicated to the support of  the food industry in the Fehmarnbelt region already in their early stage phases.



BELTFOOD launches for the first time the BELTFOOD Capacity Development Program, which is dedicated to build up international competencies. The training program has been designed specifically for small and medium-sized food processing businesses from the Fehmarnbelt region.



In January 2010, the project BELTFOOD has been launched, in order to built up a Danish-German connection for the national food networks in the Fehmarnbelt region: foodRegio on the German side and Fødevareplatform on the Danish side. Such as the Fix Link will connect Denmark and Germany, so does BELTFOOD represent a bridge for the food industry in the region. BELTFOOD obtains financial support from the INTERREG IVA Programme of the European Union.



Against the background of the planned Fehmarnbelt Fix Link a first exchange of the national food industry networks from the Belt Region takes place. The networks, represented by the Fonden Grønt Center and the Lübeck Business Development Corporation, decide to strengthen their cooperation and to submit an application for funding from the European Union.