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Master Plan: Danish-German Food Competence Center

Cast off for a new project


The newly launched project "Master Plan: Danish-German Food Competence Centre" has been developed under the umbrella of the BELTFOOD network. Purpose of the project is to identify and develop new possibilities for cross-border market research and product testing.

The focus of the Master Plan is primarily the identification of simple solutions for monitoring consumers and testing food products in the German and Danish market. The project aims to build up on existing skills, to develop a network and to develop a Master Plan for making visible the existing Know-How through a Danish-German Food Competence Center.

The project is coordinated by the Lübeck Business Development Corporation and the Fonden Grønt Center.


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Interested persons and organizations from the Fehmarnbelt-Region with Know-How in market reserach are more than welcome to participate in the project. Information is available via